I guess if there’s one description that best suits me, it’s that I am a cat person. Well, an animal person. I love all animals…..oh, and music. I’m an animal loving musi-holic. That’s me.

I think my love and appreciation for not just animals but also nature in general stems from growing up in rural Alabama. Having been born and raised in Henry County, just outside of Dothan, playing outside meant playing on fields of land, in creeks and through bushes, always exploring, discovering and appreciating the vastness of my multi-acre playground. Looking back on those days now, and seeing it from the perspective of someone who lives in suburban Tampa, I realize that I could have and should have appreciated it so much more. I feel so fortunate to have been blessed with a childhood that was as free and wide open as the property on which my parents’ house sat.

I’ve always been a fan of music, but I’m the first to admit that my taste in music has slid over time from one genre to another. My musical foundation is, not surprisingly, in country music. Artists like Loretta Lynn, Tanya Tucker and the Oakridge Boys make up the framework of my memories as a child with regards to exposure to music. As I grew older, my tastes grew to include alternative, grunge and even flavors of hip hop and R&B. Still, I’ve always had Country in my heart which clearly explains why I am such a big fan now of the singer/songwriter artists of today.

For me, nothing beats the feeling and emotions that comes with watching live music. From the Marty Robbins concert to which my parents took me at the age of four to the handful of Sister Hazel shows I’m so fortunate to catch every year, my favorite past time is going to a concert.  I am also very fotunate I get to share those feelings and emotions with my husband as we make it a point to take part in live music events as often as we can.  We specifically enjoy the floating music festivals of which we’ve been a part.  After all, there’s no vacation like a rock’n vacation!

I invite you to connect with me.

Photo by Elise Schreiner Photography


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