I’m a geek. Be it sports, technology and most recently music, geek is really the most appropriate word to describe me. I used to be a nerd, but I finally developed an acceptable level of fashion sense and stopped watching Star Trek spinoffs.

In addition to my daily fix of ESPN and hours of music via Pandora, Google Music, or Spotify (see geek information above), I love to write. I feel blessed God gave me the gift of being able to take thoughts, concepts and ideas and somehow put them down on paper intelligently and, on rare occasion, eloquently. If there’s one complaint I have about writing it’s that I don’t make nearly enough time to write on a regular basis. That and the fact that by default any greeting card my wife and I send becomes my responsibility to complete. My dream is to one day make writing my ‘day job’, but until then, I get by with an occasional blog, poem or short story.

Born and raised in South Florida, the sports geek in me cheers for all teams Miami.  Hurricanes, Marlins, Heat, Panthers and, of course, the Dolphins leave me emotionally exhausted year round.   I have also made room in heart for the Tampa Bay Rays as I currently reside in Tampa, FL.  I’ve lived in the Tampa area since 1996 following a six year stint in New Orleans for college (Tulane University) and a couple of years of work experience in the banking industry.

When I am not writing or watching the ‘big game’, I enjoy filling much of my time with music.  I’ve found there is so much life to be lived when you allow yourself to be immersed in the magic of music and the power of great lyrics.  Music has literally turned my life around, and I owe so much of my success to the support I’ve received from the people I’ve met as a result of my affinity for music and concerts.  It’s a strange circle in which I travel, but rest assured it’s always rock’n.   My favorite band you might have heard of is Sister Hazel.  My favorite band you’ve probably never heard of is Dirty Shannon.   I invite you to take a moment to check out their respective sites.

Finally, if there’s one thing I feel that truly defines me, it’s my desire to be the best dad I can possibly be. I have two wonderful and beautiful children and it’s my goal to always be there for them, provide for them and do right by them that drive me in everything that I do.  I must also mention my wife Lee.  As Lee and I have come together as a new family, I am thrilled and excited about being able to bring together the two loves of my life; Lee and my kids. Lee is a complete Godsend. She saved my life, she changed my life, she is my life. I say that, however, knowing my entire existence on this planet is defined by my ability to be a great dad to my kids. They are my universe. It’s them and then everything and everyone else.

I invite you to connect with me.

Photo by Elise Schreiner Photography


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