New Direction

With my continued desire to make danaCreative a more commercial entity and less a personal effort, I have discontinued posting my personal blogs to this site. Rather, you can find my personal posts at The personal posts that have been previously posted here will be archived off to the new, personal site.

As we expand this site as a commercial venture, our goal is to post industry specific blog posts here. Stay tuned and thank you for the continued support.


About Gil Gonzalez

Gil is an author, writer, and blogger whose passions include connecting people and affecting change. A self described sports, tech, music, and peanut butter junkie, Gil lives in Tampa, FL, and is the father of two awesome kids and husband to the amazing Lee Sullivan.
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2 Responses to New Direction

  1. Good luck with the business Gil! I will subscribe to your other blog.

  2. crpeterson says:

    Glad to hear it!! I’ll be subscribing to your other blog too!

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