Welcome to danaCreative and thank you for visiting.

danaCreative grew from our desire to be innovative and creative in just about every aspect of our lives. Rooted in Gil’s penchant for writing and Lee’s sense of craftiness, danaCreative is the product of our desire to take the seeds of our skills and talents and grow them into something bigger.  Hopefully, with time, experience, opportunity and a little bit of luck, danaCreative will continue to grow into something greater as well.

The Creative part of danaCreative is pretty self explanatory.  Writing is a passion.  There is a sense of love and joy in being able to take words, phrases and concepts and producing a finished product, big or small, that creates some form of literary value for someone else.  It’s creating the written synergy of words, and experiencing the power they possess in the mind of the reader as she or he consumes them.  There is also the great sense of accomplishment in undertaking a project, armed with only a handful of materials or resources, weaving in the delicacy of commitment and planning, and bearing a finished product which serves as fruit for others to consume and enjoy.

Creativity is a gift.  When crafted with delicate passion and devotion, it is transformed into art.  Still, creating is an evergreen process, one which requires a level of commitment and the patience to endure failure and critique.  It’s with a humbled persistence that we apply ourselves in the pursuit of continued growth and the hopeful production of something worthwhile.

The dana aspect of our brand is an homage to Gil’s children and is a play on their names.  Many would question why Natalie, who is older than her brother Daniel, is not listed first.  The reason for this apparent slight is had she been listed first, the brand would be nadaCreative and then we’d simply be left with nothing.

The goal of danaCreative is to serve as a vehicle, both personally and professionally, for our passions.  Within the pages of this site, you’ll find more information about us, about the causes we support, as well as a collection of our creative efforts.

We hope you take some time to explore the site, and we hope the contents that lay within will keep you amused, entertained, and perhaps even impressed.  Thank you for your time and your feedback is always appreciated.

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